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Barkcuterie Boxes are here!

The perfect ‘sample’ box containing one of everything!!

1x Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie

1x Strawberry Kiss Cookie

1 x Pizza Bone

1x Beef and Cheddar Bone

1x Carob Chip Cookie

1x Bedtime Cookie

1x Lamington Cookie

5x Everyday Cookies (peanut butter, fresh breath, carob, turmeric and beetroot)

Each cookie comes individually packaged and labelled.

Exclusive and available for a limited time only!

Sixteen Paws Barkcuterie Box

  • Store cookies at room temperature in an air-tight container. Keep cool and dry.

    All Sixteen Paws treats contain no additives, preservatives or artificial flavours.

    Cookies are individually labelled with best before dates.

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